On Thursday, the NH Senate voted to audit the Windham election results where large vote discrepancies were discovered after a recount.

As reported by Tony Schinella at Patch.com,

However, when the recount was completed, state officials and witnesses from both political parties found several huge mistakes with the machine count — and no one can explain why the counts were so far off.

According to the hand recount of the paper ballots, Soti was shorted 297 votes — while McMahon was shorted 298, Griffin was shorted 299, and Lynn was shorted 303. Three other Democrats were also shorted votes: Valerie Roman, who placed sixth, was missing 28 votes from people who supported her. Henri Azibert, who was seventh, was shorted 21 votes and Ioana Singureanu was shorted 18 votes. The machine count, however, also gave St. Laurent 99 more votes than she actually received, according to the paper ballot recount.

The story gained national attention after a GranitGrok article was picked up by Gateway Pundit.

The State Senate voted unanimously Thursday for an amendment to SB43 that orders an audit into the major ballot discrepancy. The bill heads to the House of Representatives where it is expected to pass.

For a very thorough explanation of what happened, we encourage you to watch the video from this excellent webinar hosted by the 603 Alliance.

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