Manchester Republican Committee

The Manchester Republican Committee exists to promote the policies of the Republican Party in Manchester, New Hampshire, to assist local candidates campaigning for office, to inform the voting public on issues, and to encourage citizens to vote.

2022 Executive Board

Brittany Ping

Brittany Ping


Brian Cole

Brian Cole

Vice Chair

Brian has been a resident in Manchester since 1998, and lives in Ward 7 of Manchester. Born and raised in New Hampshire, with NH values. He graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in 1995 with a B.S. in Economics and Finance, and an A.S. in Accounting. He is the CEO of JC International with over 25+ years business experience. Former Grand Knight, District Deputy, and State Squire Chairman for the Knights of Columbus.

Will Infantine

Will Infantine

Chair Emeritus

Will was a seven-term New Hampshire State Representative. Will served on the Labor and Industrial Committee, which handles legislation dealing with workers compensation and employment securities law. Will served as Vice Chairman of that committee at two separate times. He was also the legislative designee to the NH Employment Security Board. Will is also an active member of many trade associations including The Associated General Contractors and Electrical Contractors Business Association. In addition to being a former member of the Board of Directors of the Associated Builders and Contractors and the Manchester Home Builders, Will is a current member of the Board of Directors of the New Hampshire Association of Independent Agents.

Larraine M. Lencki

Larraine M. Lencki


Ross Berry

Ross Berry


Ross is small business owner dealing with communications, digital marketing video production, and list management services with clients in the realty, restaurant, and political spaces. He runs and enjoys recreational shooting sports in his spare time. Ross has called Manchester home for five years and lives in Ward 9 where is a property owner and landlord.

Jon DiPietro

Jon DiPietro

Technology Chair

Jon is a digital marketing consulting and owner of Liberty Digital Marketing. He is a former candidate for Manchester Board of School Committee in Ward 6 and the founder of Candidate Boot Camp and Digital Activism. Jon was born and raised in NH and have lived in Manchester with his wife Laurie for 27 years and raised their four daughters. He’s been a volunteer leader for the International Society of Automation for nearly 20 years, where he has served as Treasurer, Executive Board member, and several other leadership positions, earning several leadership awards.

Jon’s blogs can be found on The Village Skeptic.


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Read the Bylaws

Bylaws of
The Manchester Republican Committee

Adopted March 20, 2019

Article 1
Name and Purpose

Section 1: The name of the organization shall be The Manchester Republican Committee.

Section 2: The aim and purpose of the Committee shall be to support Republican candidates for public office and to assist their election with all reasonable means.

Section 3: The word “Committee” in this document shall mean The Manchester Republican Committee unless otherwise modified in context.

Article 2

Section 1: The Committee shall register itself with the Secretary of State of New Hampshire and file all necessary documentation and financial disclosures in a timely manner.

Section 2: The Committee shall register itself with the Clerk of the City of Manchester, NH and file all necessary documentation and financial disclosures in a timely manner.

Section 3: The Committee shall notify the Internal Revenue Service of its incorporation in the City of Manchester and the State of New Hampshire as a Section 527 political committee and file all necessary documentation and financial disclosures in a timely manner.

Section 4: The Committee shall organize and divide its finances and its activities according to all applicable federal, state, and municipal laws.

Article 3

Section 1: General membership shall be open and free to all registered Republicans.

Section 2: Voting privileges shall be restricted to current residents of the city of Manchester who meet one of the following criteria: (1) they must have attended at least four monthly Committee meetings or certain events as designated as qualifying events by the Executive Board, within the previous 365 days; or (2) pay a membership fee of $50 per year, said fee shall be paid six months prior to any vote. Membership fee is for the calendar year in which they are paid.

Article 4
Executive Board

Section 1: The Executive Board shall consist of the following elected officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section 2: Election of the members of Executive Board to a one-year term shall be at the annual meeting in December as set forth in Article 6.

Section 3: In the event of a vacancy to any of the elected officer positions with the exception of Chair, a special election shall be held at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Committee and within 60 days of the resignation.

Section 4: The Executive Board may create and appoint members of subcommittees as needed. All subcommittee appointments shall expire at the end of every term.

Section 5: In addition to the elected officers, the Executive Board shall include the Chair Emeritus who is the immediate past Chair of the Committee.

Section 6: The Chair may also appoint a Fundraising Chair, a Technology Chair, and four Area Chairs with terms that expire with the officers. All appointed officers shall serve as ex-officio, non-voting members of the Executive Board.

Section 7: Members are qualified to serve on the Executive Board only if they are voting members.

Section 8: At the expiration of the terms of office, the Vice Chair shall assume the chairmanship for the subsequent year, for a term of one year. The departing Chair shall assume the position of Chair Emeritus and the Committee shall elect a new Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Article 5
Officers & Their Duties

Section 1: The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Committee and all meetings of the Executive Board. The Chair shall serve as the primary spokesperson for the Committee. The Executive Board may designate a member or members to be spokesmen for the Committee, by unanimous consent of the Executive Board.

Section 2: The Vice-Chair shall, in the absence of the Chair, perform all duties of the Chair until the return of the Chair. In the case of a vacancy to the position of Chair, the Vice Chair shall assume the Chair for the remainder of the term but is entitled to a full term as Chair at the beginning of the next term of office.

Section 3: The Secretary shall accurately record minutes of all Committee meetings and make those minutes available to the membership at the next monthly meeting. The Secretary shall conduct all correspondence, preserve all records of minutes and correspondence, and turn over these records to his successor. The Secretary shall maintain an accurate roster of attendance of all monthly Committee meetings and events so designated as qualifying by the Executive Board. The secretary shall notify the members of both the Committee and the Executive Board of all meetings that they are expected to attend as specified in Article 7. All records kept by the Secretary are and shall be the property of the Committee.

Section 4: The Treasurer shall receive all funds intended for the Committee and deposit same into the account in which they belong and shall pay all bills of the Committee upon approval by the Executive Board. An accurate account of all monies shall be kept by the Treasurer and a written report of receipts and expenditures shall be presented to the Committee at the monthly meeting. The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing reports for the Secretary of State and City Clerk as required.

Section 5: The Chair Emeritus shall undertake such duties as determined by the Executive Board. In the absence of both Chair and Vice Chair, the Chair Emeritus will perform all duties of the Chair until the return of the Chair. The Chair Emeritus is the immediate past Chair of the Committee and should the position become vacant by cause or choice, the position will remain unfilled until the end of the term.

Section 6: It shall be the duty of all officers of the Committee to take a leave of absence from office if running in a contested primary election, or in the case of a municipal election where two Republicans advance to the general election. Return to the office held, after the primary election, shall be guaranteed.

Section 7: In the event an elected officer fails to attend 3 successive meetings of the committee, the Executive Board may declare the office vacant in which case the Chair shall hold an election with 30 days of declaration.

Section 8: If appointed, the Fundraising Chair shall serve as the chief fundraising officer of the Committee, under the direction of the Executive Board, and shall make a regular report of planned fundraising events at the monthly meeting. In the event the Chair appoints a Fundraising Subcommittee, the Fundraising Chair shall serve as an ex officio member of that subcommittee.

Section 9: If appointed, the Technology Chair shall maintain the Committee website, manage login access to all digital properties, and otherwise manage and advise the Executive Board on matters pertaining to pertinent technologies.

Section 10: If appointed, the Area Chairs shall undertake such duties as determined by the Executive Board. Boundaries of areas are as follows: Area Chair I – Wards 1, 2 and 3; Area Chair II – Wards 4, 5, 6 and 7; Area Chair III – Wards 8 and 9; and Area Chair IV – Wards 10, 11 and 12.

Article 6

Section 1: Committee meetings shall be held monthly on a consistent day of the month to be determined by the Executive Board. Monthly meetings shall be announced via email, social media and the Committee website at least seven days prior.

Section 2: Meetings of the Executive Board shall be convened regularly. They shall be called no fewer than once every two months. At least forty-eight hours notice shall be given to Executive Board members prior to meetings.

Section 3: An annual meeting shall be convened in the first two weeks of December, for the purpose of electing officers of the Committee for the following term. This meeting shall be announced via email, social media, and the Committee website at least fourteen days prior.

Section 4: All meetings of the Committee and its Executive Board shall be conducted under Robert’s Rules unless superseded by the bylaws.

Article 7
Election of Officers

Section 1: Election of the officers of the Committee shall be held every year at an annual meeting to be held in December for a term of one year. Those officers elected by the Committee shall take office on January 1st of the year following the election to take effect with the 2019 officer elections.

Section 2: Nominations of officers shall be offered in writing to the Secretary at least 48 hours prior to a scheduled election and may be offered by: 1) any voting member accompanied by the written support of at least two additional voting members; or 2) any member of the current Executive Committee. Nominees for any office must be present to accept the nomination, OR, if unable to be present, may accept the nomination in writing delivered to the Secretary prior to the election.
Section 3: Upon adoption of these bylaws, the offices of First Vice Chair and Second Vice Chair shall be eliminated and the Chair shall hold an election for the office of Vice Chair.

Article 8

Section 1: A quorum of fifteen (15) members shall be necessary in order to conduct business at any meeting of the Committee.

Section 2: A quorum of three (3) officers shall be necessary in order to conduct business at any meeting of the Executive Board.

Article 9

Section 1: Amendments to the Committee bylaws must be presented at a Committee meeting and then in writing to the Secretary no later than 21 days prior to the meeting at which the amendment shall be voted on. The Secretary shall publish all proposed submitted bylaw amendments at least 14 days prior to being voted on.

Section 2: Amendments to the Committee bylaws may be made by a favorable vote of at least two thirds (2/3) of those present and voting at any meeting of the Committee, providing that a quorum is present and voting.

Section 3: Only voting members shall be qualified to vote on amendments to the bylaws.

Article 10

Section 1: Within 90 days of the adoption of these bylaws, the Executive Committee shall draft all policies listed in this Article and submit them to the Membership at the next regular meeting for ratification by majority vote. Policies should be reviewed annually by the incoming Officers and amended as deemed necessary and appropriate.

Section 2: A written Social Media Policy, to include but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, email and the Committee website, shall be in place and shall be binding upon all members unless changed and approved by a unanimous vote of the Executive Board.

Section 3: A written Security Policy including but not limited to the management of passwords and securing of data records for all social media and online accounts shall be in place.

Section 4: A written Conduct Policy shall be in place, which defines expectations for ethics, leadership practices, conflict of interest, and harassment and provides procedures for filing complaints and reviewing conduct.

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