According to information uncovered by former Alderman Elizabeth Moreau, Alderman-at-Large Dan O’Neil failed to disclose his employment at a Massachusetts consulting firm. O’Neil’s financial disclosure forms for the past five years listed a single business relationship with JMMO Company, LLC despite being listed as Senior Vice President at Haynes & Associates. According to the firm’s website, “Haynes & Associates was founded in 2011 as a full service consulting firm which integrates government affairs, relationship liaison and strategic advising to clients in a broad array of industries by leveraging our vast experience in the public and private sector and network of deep rooted, influential contacts to achieve measurable results.”

O’Neil has reportedly hired an attorney.

In an email to the NH Attorney General’s office, Moreau stated “I feel that if I bring this up to the board it will get swept under the rug and dismissed as he is the chairman and has held the position for over 20 years.”

The city’s financial disclosure form states the following:

All City officials shall disclose their own individual business and financial relationships, employment and financial holdings. A City official shall have a financial interest in a monetary or pecuniary interest in a business, entity or matter, whether direct or indirect, not shared by the public at large; the affairs of immediate family members; any business in which the official is an officer, director, proprietor, partner, trustee, member or employee; any investment in which the official owns directly or indirectly more than five percent (5%) of the total stock; or any investment in which the official’s interest totals $50,000 or more. City officials shall have a personal interest in a matter which is other than that of the official as a public official and which is more direct than that of the public at large and would influence the action of the public official.

O’Neil’s financial disclosure forms for 2016-2020 are linked below:

Moreau’s letter to the NH Attorney General’s office is included below:


[Redacted] said that you might be a good place to start with a question relating to issues related to a Manchester Alderman.

I came across the Aldermans financial disclosure for the last 6 years and he never mentions any employment other than his own company “JMMO”.

An internet source from a simple google search pulled up a legal entity in Massachusetts in which he is listed as the Sr Vice President. The business deals in consulting and using their ” influence and connections” to gain information to assist companies with gaining contracts with municipalities. In which the alderman is listed as heading their New Hampshire office. This was listed as an effective date of January 2016. Further research shows the alderman opened a similar consulting company in NH in 2019, which seems to be in the same field of business and also not disclosed to the city.

My concern is that :
1) as a long term sitting alderman/he should know better, and why wouldn’t he disclose this information?
2) Did he give insider city information to potential contractors who gained contracts with the city?
3) Did he vote in favor of these contracts while receiving kickbacks through these companies?
4) What is the financial implication of this potential conflict?

I feel that if I bring this up to the board it will get swept under the rug and dismissed as he is the chairman and has held the position for over 20 years. And as a private citizen and former board member I have no authority to request what companies these businesses worked with and which ones gained contracts with Manchester in which he may have used his influence or voting power/ insider information.

Also if I bring it to the city attorney would there be a conflict of interest as she represents the city and board?

If you know whom I should be speaking to regarding this or need further information etc please feel free to reach out to me at this email or my cell phone

Thank you in advance for any assistance,
Elizabeth Ann Moreau

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