Because of my professional background (HR) and home life (2 young children), the biggest issues I’m keeping track of this legislative session are labor bills that affect NH employers and bills that affect NH children. HB 632 impacts both by attempting to remove the Educational Tax Credit scholarship that supports 413 low-income children in NH.

These low-income children chose to leave public schooling for reasons like severe bullying and insufficient academic support.  Make no doubt, this bill is targeting at-risk children that are using private funds to access education when public schools have failed them.  It’s worth noting this bill is highly partisan, only sponsored by Democrats in the house and senate.

Manchester has the largest concentration at 69 scholarships awarded this year.  My zip code, 03102, has the largest usage of all zip codes in the state with 22 children receiving the benefit.  Rep. Mary Heath is the only Manchester Representative sponsor of this bill, her zip code, 03109, has 11.  I hope to see all of these families represented by their representatives as Part 2 of the hearing is held at the State House on March 5th at 1pm in LOB 202.

I know I’ll be there to support the families in my ward, and all of NH.  If you can’t attend, please call or email your representatives.

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